My husband and I began looking for preschool for our 2 boys almost a year ago. We had heard wonderful things about Tinker Bell from other parents and decided to visit. From the moment I stepped in to the building, I felt a sense of peace. Speaking with multiple teachers, I could tell how passionate they were about their positions with Tinker Bell. As a family with two working parents, you want to find a special place for your children to grow and learn. We certainly found that at Tinker Bell .We started both in the summer program in 2014 and haven’t looked back!

We have Brandon in the K-4 program and Logan in the K-3 program this year. It was a no brainer to have Brandon move on to the private Kindergarten and for Logan to continue to K-4. The Christian based curriculum has been amazing and introduced my children to stories not yet covered in Sunday school. My sons have learned so much about fundamentals of phonics and it has been a pleasure to watch my oldest in the beginning stages of reading. The staff makes learning fun and exciting, which is important ground work to lay for children that are just beginning this journey.

I cannot say enough about the positive effects that Tinker Bell has had on my children. They know how to interact with their peers, they have structure, they have fun, they have respect for others, they enjoy going to school, they feel safe, they are learning and most importantly, they feel loved. The Tinker Bell staff LOVE my children and it shows. My boys light up when they see their teachers or even when we speak of them while reviewing our day. We pray for them each night as we are lying in bed, and they have developed long lasting relationships that will follow them through their remaining school days.

Tinker Bell is not just a school, it is a family. We are so extremely blessed to have been a part of it and cherish each memory we have made here. We certainly appreciate all that Tinker Bell has done for our children. Anyone that is looking for a wonderful place to watch your children turn in to exactly who they were meant to be needs to bring them to Tinker Bell Daycare.

Alan & Angie G.

When it was time to start planning for our child’s education at the ripe old age of 1 and a 1/2, we visited every daycare in Portsmouth and Western Branch. We had typed up a pros and cons list for each school to use as a tool to weigh our options. Tinkerbell was the last school we visited and to our surprise, your facility was the only one without any “cons.”

Over the last 4 years we have watched our son grow into a smart and polite young man. We have developed close relationships with his teachers each year, who truly treat him like their own, and we know that his well being and growth as a student is their utmost concern. Everyday day we are updated the good, along with the (sometimes) bad days he has had, and feel like we always have a set of eyes on him to ensure his safety and growth as a person.

What’s more to say? We have a five year old who is laying in bed reading books to us at night, answering math questions, and has already built more learning skills than we know we had at his age. We cannot wait to see how are young man grows throughout kindergarten next year!

We know, without a doubt, that choosing Tinkerbell for his early education has given him an advantage in his life going forward. It is without question the best money we have ever spent. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!

Chris & Lauren Gray

My son started K-3 at Tinker Bell when the year was more than half over, but by the end of the school year I was already impressed with how much he learned in that short time. K-4 has proved to be even more impressive, he was writing his first name in the first month of school and his excitement to come home and tell me what he has learned was encouraging. By the middle of the school year he was working to sound out the words he read on signs as we travelled in the car. He is currently learning how to read and he has not yet started Kindergarten. I’m excited to watch him continue to grow and learn as he starts Kindergarten at Tinker Bell in the fall. He too is excited to start class with Ms. Marilyn.

The teachers and staff at Tinker Bell are all friendly and helpful. I can’t say enough about the teachers who have worked directly with my son. He looks forward to class everyday with Ms. Yvonne and I know that she is thoroughly invested in the success of my son as well as the other children in the class. She keeps me informed of where he needs extra help and highlights when he has shown improvement, while also providing appropriate praise when my son is successful. I’m glad I started my son at Tinker Bell when I did and plan to enroll my other son when he is old enough to attend.

Heather Dunlow

Our daughter Lily began at Tinker Bell in September of 2013 where she started in the K-2 program. From the moment we took the tour of the school, I knew that we were hooked. Tinker Bell is ran like a little school. The children receive report cards, go on field trips, complete assignments in class, etc. Lily is now in K-3 and will begin K-4 in the fall. We have been nothing short of amazed with what she has learned over the course of her year and a half at Tinker Bell. Lily’s vocabulary and speech grew tremendously in the first few months she was there. She has developed quite the bond, not only with her classmates, but also with her teachers. We never refer to Tinker Bell as day care, but as school. Lily is there to learn and she has done just that, from her letters, to numbers, to counting, and to writing. Tinker Bell has helped her grow into the amazing little person she is today. We truly view the entire staff as part of our extended family.

Lauren & Brandon James