My wife and I enrolled our son, Nathan, in Tinker Bell soon after he turned three. It was one of the best decisions we made for him. Prior to that we were taking him to a private residence daycare, and although he was cared for at that place, it could never do for him what Tinker Bell has done. He has learned so much the past two school years….more than I could have hoped for, and that is a direct result of the caring, dedicated staff at Tinker Bell!

They are not just pre-school teachers there; they truly care about the kids and want to see them succeed. Go in on any day and you will see a loving environment with kids having fun and learning. We have another baby on the way and there is no doubt we will have her going to Tinker Bell too…and this time, we won’t wait until she turns three.

Chuck P.

Our son has been attending Tinker Bell since he was two years old, and he will enter Kindergarten with them in the fall. Tinker Bell is not just a daycare for younger children; the learning begins from day one. The A Beka curriculum that is used at the school is exceptional. Our son has begun understanding foundations of phonics and is learning to read before he even enters Kindergarten. Tinker Bell is a family, and it is proven by the genuine love and care the staff has for the children. Each child is recognized as an individual, and their unique strength are encouraged to blossom. Our son has a second family at Tinker Bell, one that we trust and hold highest regards.

Sara W.

My two children have been going to Tinker Bell for the past 5 years. My older son, now 7, began going when he was 2-1/2 and I was so pleased with Tinker Bell that my younger son began going as soon as he was 2 and is now in the four year old program.

Tinker Bell offers structure for the children and teaches them how to interact with other children, but the most important thing to me as a parent is they are loved.

Tinker Bell has wonderful educational programs. I was deliberating between sending my now 7 year old to kindergarten at Tinker Bell or to the school where
he would be attending the first grade. I decided to keep him at Tinker Bell and I have no regrets. His first grade teacher informed me my son was more than
ready for the first grade and is doing well in school. I have no doubt where my now 4 year old will be attending kindergarten; it will definitely be Tinker Bell.

As a parent, it is comforting to know that my children have been taken care of, educated and loved. After my younger son completes kindergarten next year, I
know I will miss the relationships that have been formed over the past years with the Tinker Bell staff.

Crystal R.

I just wanted to send a friendly email and let you all know how grateful I am that Kaylee Cecil attended Tinkerbell from age 3 to 5.  It was a tough decision to switch her up and put her into Nansemond Suffolk Academy.

I wanted to let you know that Kaylee is in the top 3 of her Kindergarten class.  She’s doing really well, and they are very impressed with her reading skills, and all I have to thank is Tinkerbell and how you all work with the kids on preparing them for Grade School.

She still talks about Tinkerbell and how she cannot wait to see you all in the summer.

Thanks again so much for making Kaylee’s experience there a memorable one.   Practically every night she is playing “teacher” in her room, and what does she have in her hands “showing the class?” Tinkerbell’s Yearbooks. J
I hope you are all doing well-we miss coming there every day!

Leigh C.