Since the first time the Stalling’s family members crossed the threshold at Tinker Bell, the staff has welcomed our family with open arms and friendly enthusiastic faces. .

I recognized Mr. Parker from my days at Manor High School as my former wrestling coach and a highly regarded educator. I told my wife as we loaded up in our car with tears in our eyes our two daughters were in exceptional hands. The Tinker Bell staff should be very proud of their proven accomplishments in shaping young minds. The staff has always been very courteous, thoughtful, and professional. The teaching staff is seriously interested in education and the growth skills for their individual developing children. Tinker Bell is more than a daycare center and school. It represents an evident compassion of learning to ensure each parent is informed of their child’s progression and capabilities. The Stallings family continues to be very pleased with the superb care of our children. We wish to thank you and congratulate all of the teachers, care givers, and staff memebers for another successful school year. Keep up the great work!
With warmest regards,
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Stallings

Tinker Bell Daycare is more than a place to drop off our children. It is an institution of learning and development that establishes strong core values with an exceptional drive toward intellectual achievement. The entire staff at Tinker Bell has demonstrated the dedication and perseverance necessary to guide our daughter Olivia Ayala to unexpected heights in the areas of education, spirituality and family togetherness. To Olivia they are more than educators, they are family. Olivia truly enjoys and looks forward to attending school, and has developed an amazing relationship with her classmates and staff. So much so that a good-bye hugs with all available staffers has become a non-negotiable tradition for her.

Olivia has been attending Tinker Bell for three years now and will be attending her fourth year for K-5. We as parents have counted our blessings for having found Mr. Parker, Ms. Kelly, Ms. Lisa and many others at Tinker Bell. They are devoted professionals that have earned the trust of countless parents, especially us. They are thoughtful to Olivia’s needs and wants and provide a positive atmosphere for her to learn and grow in. We have witnessed the statements of regret from other parents for not enrolling their children at Tinker Bell as long as possible. We appreciate all they do for Olivia and would beyond a shadow of a doubt recommend to any and all that Tinker Bell Daycare and Kindergarten be their extended family too.

Eric & Krissy A.

I’ve been taking my children to Tinker Bell since 2003 and have only had positive experiences over the years. These teachers go above and beyond from dealing with seizures, speech delays, anxiety disorders to potty training. I recommend Tinker Bell to everyone that I know that has kids.

We started back in 2003 with my now 13 year old, she had seizures and her babysitter was having trouble with caring for her when she had one. To Ms. Pam & Ms. Lisa, it was second nature, they would keep calm and take care of her until the seizure was over and move on from there. We attempted to put her in public school for their FREE K-4 program to save some money, only to learn 2 weeks into the school year that she was going to the principal’s office to be taught and the superintendent of the city’s school system recommended that we put her back where we had her before.

So when I had my oldest son, it was a no brainer to take him there also. When he started there he was not speaking. Within 2 weeks, he was chatting up a storm and fully potty trained. He was released at the beginning of his kindergarten year from his IEP at the public school because his speech level had surpassed his age by 2-3 years.

My 5 year old is in kindergarten there now. He can be a challenge, but his teacher, Ms. Marilyn, is absolutely wonderful. She has patiently worked with him for the last 2 years and helped him learn to verbalize his anxieties and how to deal with them. We attended an IEP session together in early November at the public school and learned that their kindergarteners didn’t get to the level that she was teaching until the end of the year. She has taught him things like applying his phonics to reading, writing and writing in cursive. We were concerned about next year when he begins public school, but I rest assured that Tinker Bell was the right choice for us so far and will continue to be for our 4 year old.

Jason S.

My son started Tinker Bell about 2 years ago when he was 3 and my daughter started about 7 months ago when she turned 2 to begin the K-2 program. The welcoming received from all teachers was remarkable. There are some mornings that they don’t want me to leave (as kids sometimes do) but one of the teachers always come over and talk to comfort them to help. They have a true understanding of parents having to work and how we feel having to drop our children off every day and untrusting them with their well-being. During the summer months and both kids are there for the summer, Mr. Parker always has fun things planned. They get to go to movies, bowling and even water fun on those hot summer days.

As a mother, I can tell you that I would recommend Tinker Bell Day Care to anyone looking for that special place to take care of your kids and teach them the right values. Every employee takes each and every child as if they are their own. I know that I can’t thank them enough for taking care of my children.

Erika R.