To understand this letter, it is best to understand who I am as a person and father. I truly believe that the three biggest gifts you can give a child are love, time, and education. These pillars build a core foundation and allow a child the opportunity to grow into someone strong and successful in all aspects of their life. The hardest part of these three for me is the gift of education. Since I can control 100% of the time and love I share, I cannot realistically provide 100% of the educational needs of my child. My wife and I decided to put our trust into Tinker Bell Day Care, and especially the skilled teachers employed there; to provide my daughter with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed. Not only did they succeed, but also they SURPASSED our expectations.
Our toddler enrolled here at the age of two and we have witnessed her blossom into an extremely smart, independent, and well-rounded little girl. Through the years, they have challenged her mind and built her spirit, which has allowed her to grow in ways we did not predict. Even through times where her attendance struggled due to medical reasons, the support from the school helped our family and allowed our daughter the chance to continue to succeed.
When she enrolled into the Kindergarten program, I was a little apprehensive. She had missed 35+ days of school the previous year and she would be enrolling early, (4 years old the 1st day of school). Having a conversation with Ms. Marilyn (K5 instructor) allowed me to feel at ease with the process and understand the expectations of the program. Though I thought I had a good grasp on what this entire kindergarten program consisted of, I was BLOWN AWAY by how amazing it truly was.
We had been to three graduation ceremonies up to this point, have seen the kids’ reading at 1st and 2nd grade levels with ease, and I was still optimistic. The attention to detail and the enthusiasm that Ms. Marilyn puts into her teaching is remarkable. You can witness the bond she has with every single student within her classroom and you see that relationship grow in regards to respect, admiration, and love. She TRULY cares about every individual student and brings out the best in him or her.
This program has been paramount in setting up our daughter for future success. Regardless of her next school system (private or public), I feel that our daughter will be ahead of most children in her respective grade. She has learned so much in this school year and her reading skills and comprehension alone have FAR EXCEEDED our goals for her.
Would I recommend this institution to you? Without hesitation! It was the best investment we have made to my daughter’s educational success. We know she will go” far because of the core principles and lessons learned through this school.

Anthony Bonawit
Proud Father

Why Tinker Bell? Amazing teachers, dedicated staff, and a place you can truly feel comfortable to have your child attend, that is why.
My son has been attending Tinker Bell since he was three years old. As a parent, a safe environment has always been my main concern. I can honestly say you cannot get any better than Tinker Bell.
From the student-teacher ratio, to the security of the buildings, you can rest assured knowing your little one is in good hands.
I think what surprised me the most was not only the love they showed my son and my family, but the amazing education program they have to offer. As my son sets forth to first grade, he can now fluently write in cursive and manuscript, solve addition and subtraction, he knows a brief history on our countries, and is currently reading and comprehending beyond a 1st grade level.
Tinker Bell is our extended family who we are going to truly miss after my son moves on to 1st grade. Many thanks to Mrs. Marilyn, Ms. Kelly, and Mr. Parker who have always gone above and beyond for our family. May God Bless you all!
Much Love,
The Davis Family

Since the first time the Stalling’s family members crossed the threshold at Tinker Bell, the staff has welcomed our family with open arms and friendly enthusiastic faces. .

I recognized Mr. Parker from my days at Manor High School as my former wrestling coach and a highly regarded educator. I told my wife as we loaded up in our car with tears in our eyes our two daughters were in exceptional hands. The Tinker Bell staff should be very proud of their proven accomplishments in shaping young minds. The staff has always been very courteous, thoughtful, and professional. The teaching staff is seriously interested in education and the growth skills for their individual developing children. Tinker Bell is more than a daycare center and school. It represents an evident compassion of learning to ensure each parent is informed of their child’s progression and capabilities. The Stallings family continues to be very pleased with the superb care of our children. We wish to thank you and congratulate all of the teachers, care givers, and staff memebers for another successful school year. Keep up the great work!
With warmest regards,
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Stallings

Tinker Bell Daycare is more than a place to drop off our children. It is an institution of learning and development that establishes strong core values with an exceptional drive toward intellectual achievement. The entire staff at Tinker Bell has demonstrated the dedication and perseverance necessary to guide our daughter Olivia Ayala to unexpected heights in the areas of education, spirituality and family togetherness. To Olivia they are more than educators, they are family. Olivia truly enjoys and looks forward to attending school, and has developed an amazing relationship with her classmates and staff. So much so that a good-bye hugs with all available staffers has become a non-negotiable tradition for her.

Olivia has been attending Tinker Bell for three years now and will be attending her fourth year for K-5. We as parents have counted our blessings for having found Mr. Parker, Ms. Kelly, Ms. Lisa and many others at Tinker Bell. They are devoted professionals that have earned the trust of countless parents, especially us. They are thoughtful to Olivia’s needs and wants and provide a positive atmosphere for her to learn and grow in. We have witnessed the statements of regret from other parents for not enrolling their children at Tinker Bell as long as possible. We appreciate all they do for Olivia and would beyond a shadow of a doubt recommend to any and all that Tinker Bell Daycare and Kindergarten be their extended family too.

Eric & Krissy A.