About Us

Welcome To Tinker Bell Daycare & Kindergarten

Are you a working parent who wants more for your preschooler than just a baby sitter? Then why not give us a call or come by and see what our daycare and kindergarten has to offer. Located in Portsmouth VA, near Western Branch and Deep Creek, we are convenient to working parents in the Portsmouth, Chesapeake and Suffolk areas.

We are family-owned and have over 63 years of experience in childcare development. All of our teachers are trained and certified in caring for children ages 2 through 12. Our school is licensed by the state and governed by the state board of day care centers.

Our main concern is love, care and understanding for each of our preschool students. Two of the most important factors in the life of a child are home and day care, for it is in these formative years one’s pattern of life is set. We use the A Beka Curriculum which places emphasis on phonics and reading because “Reading is the key to education”.

Our educational program has great success in preparing our children for public and private schools when they enter first grade. Many of our students are reading one or two grade levels ahead when they begin first grade. Whether your child is ready for nursery school or kindergarten, we make learning fun at Tinker Bell Daycare!

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Our Educational Programs include:

  • Phonics
  • Beginning Reading Skills
  • Beginning Math Skills
  • Interaction Development
  • Coordination Skills
  • Bible Stories
  • Music/Art
  • Physical Education